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The EMV software is a supplement to the μCard software used for testing the EMV contact and contactless smart cards.


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The EMV software is a supplement to the μCard software used for testing the EMV contact and contactless smart cards. It comprises up of an application named ‘EMV.EXE’ and a testing script.

The ‘EMV.EXE’ application enables the generation of parameter files used as references during the tests. These files are compiled from pieces of the information retrieved from a batch of representative cards. Only the so-called public information (not requiring the entry of a secret code) is processed. Nevertheless, if a secret code needs to be entered, it can be stored in the testing script. A file (GetData) is used to specify a list of out-of-application Tags.

Special customizations can then be tested by adding Tags to the file. All Tag valorizations can be modified. By default, if the valorizations of a Tag are identical in various applications, the test will check if the said valorizations are identical between the applications. This check is not mandatory and can be removed on an individual basis for each Tag concerned. Once the parameter files have been created, the test is carried out using μCard. The testing script then compares the data stored in the tested card with the file information and returns a test report.

The presentation and report content can be very easily changed by modifying the script.

– Can be used with a standalone PC/SC smart card contact or contactless reader.
– Compatible with WINDOWS XP Pro and WINDOWS 7 Pro
– Provided with installation guide and reader manual

Operating System

Windows 7, Windows XP PRO


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