IMT-A – Card Impact Test Tool

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The IMT-A test tool has been designed according to industry specification for card body impact testing.


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The IMT-A test tool has been designed according to industry specification for card body impact testing.


The IMT-A is a manual control tool that is used to test the resistance of any ID-1 card body against cracks with a specified impact mass. It complies with the ANSI INCITS 322 , ISO/IEC 7811-1 Embossability method and the CQM MasterCard v2.15 specifications (TM-416 test methods).

It is used for:

– Quality control and production control
– Audit and certification
– Card material qualification for embossing

Key Benefits

– Easy-to-setup with two drop heights to generate an impact force of 2,000 mmN and 10,000 mmN – Finishing made of aircraft grade 6061 aluminum / steel alloy barstock and electrostatic coated for a durable long-lasting finish.

Impact cylinder weight

– Calibrated weight with minimum 18N
– Two-level height adjustment to create impact force of 2000 mmN and 10000 mmN

Weight 16.5 kg
Dimensions 23 x 18 x 85 cm


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TPT-A – Tape Pull Test Tool

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PST-E – Card Peel Strength Test Tool

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Tools very useful with PST-E Peel Strength Test.

PSPT-Ax pre-cuts the card with a cutter for preparing test sections as described in ISO 10373-1 and MasterCard CQM.

  • PSPT-A-H: version for four horizontal and one vertical sections.
  • PSPT-A-H: version for seven vertical and one horizontal sections.