PVT-A : Triple Interface EMV Reader

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This device is an EMV card personalization tester dedicated to production control. It offers a Three-in-one GO/NOGO functional test on magnetic stripe, chip contact and contactless (RFID). A software suite can be provided for managing the tester. An Open software solution is also available and provides an API for the implementation of the PVT-A with other software applications (PC/SC interface) or for integration within an existing eco-system.




EMV personalization All-in-one tester

The VERYCARD is a tool designed for ensuring the correct personalization of EMV cards according to EMV 4.3 specifications. The VERYCARD can check issuer data, multi-applications cards and the consistency between data on the magnetic stripe and the micro-chip.

It supports:

– Contact, dual interface and contactless cards
– ISO 14443 A&B
– Mifare® classic 1K/4K, Mifare® ultralight Mifare® Pro

User-friendly software

A complete software suite is available for this equipment:

– CREAMASK to create card masks using ATR/ATS command responses.
– CREAPROFILE to automatically create EMV profiles including the checking of non-payment applications.
– CREASCRIPT to create test sequences and send ISO APDU commands.
– VERYCARD to control the equipment and select different types of card through a very user-friendly graphical interface.


Our PVT addresses production where time is money. This is not a test for expertise but for checking the production, no license needed, no surprise. It may be uses for expertise if the user knows EMV cards very well. Let us explain the use of this tool for production control.

There are 3 phases of card learning then the use by operator.

Manager phase 1: Creating masks.
Contact and contactless readers connected to the PC (PCSC protocol) are used inside the PVT. Through CreaMask utility, we automatically create a working directory for each type of contact and contactless card.

Manager phase 2: Creation of EMV cards profiles.
With our CreaProfile, EMV learning utility, we are creating the profile of five validated cards from the same batch. The profile is an image of what we can read in the card, i.e. all applications, the elementary files, tags… It translates major EMV fields into human-readable form, eliminating time-consuming EMV specifications lookup and manual TLV parsing. It is possible to optimize the learning by adding applications that are not referenced in the PSE (PPSE) and a list of tags specific to the type of card. The profile is automatically saved onto the working directory of the card.

Manager phase 3: Edition of test scripts.
With our CreaScript, editing scripts utility, we create test scripts. It is an editor in VBscript, easy and simple to use. It allows to send APDUs to the card to help writing the script. We provide EMV scripts in connection with our EMV learning. The script allows to display a report where you can see the differences between the “standard” profile and reading of the card. The manager can modify the script as he pleases, no need to ask MULANN.

Phase 4 operator: Using the PVT in production
Select the type of cards you want to test (cards with stripe and contact, dual cards, contactless card only, etc…), PVT utility manages the checking required. Consistency track chip is made through the script. Go/NoGo test with green or red card Indicates to the operator the result.

Finally the operator doesn’t have to wonder question about choosing the right profile. Everything is automatic.

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Dimensions 30 x 19 x 12 cm


Power supply

100-230 VAC 50/60 Hz



Operating System

Windows 10, Windows 7

Card readers

Contact, Contactless, Magnetic stripes, Motorized

OSD languages

English, French, Spanish