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NTMAGII LH – LoCo and HiCo Magstripe Card Analyzer

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The NTMAGII LH is an analyzer dedicated either to laboratory or production. It allows to check LoCo and HiCo un-encoded cards and LoCo and HiCo encoded cards. Cards type determination LoCo, Medium or HiCo cards can be done to avoid errors when mag-stripes are colorful.

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T3R-E – Two axes 3-wheel Test Tool

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This 3-wheel tester is the most versatile device. Operations can be performed on the longitudinal axis or the transversal axis of the card. The pressure is applied by a weight system and the pressure value can be set to 8, 10 and 12N and with the optional set of weights 2 x 10N as mentioned in the CQM recommendations. Actual pressure can be detected using a weight detector as an option. The test is run at 0.5Hz or 1Hz. The number of cycles can be preset through the human-machine interface. Contactless card can be checked on the fly for failure in option. T3R interface can be accessed through the communication port (Ethernet) for monitoring, remote control or history log download.



PST-E – Card Peel Strength Test Tool

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The PST test tool is designed according to industry specification for card peel testing. The digital strain gauge installed can be connected to a PC with Go/No-Go assistant Mulann utility for data recording via RS-232 cable supplied with the device. This tester needs to work with the PSPT-A tools. PSPT-A has two versions for one cut or four cuts.


We Are Professional Team

Since more than 30 years, our engineers are working closely with the manufacturing team and provide them expertise and support to help them to develop and improve their manufacturing process efficiency.

We Build With Excellence

We started developing magnetic cards,  we did collaborate and became experts in standardization to bring to manufacturing reality Cards integrating new components, EMV chipset, Contactless antenna, Dynamic CVV.

We Commit on Results

We ensure to our customers full satisfaction of our tools and machines, and provide expertise and support to bring results from operations.


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Products and Services That We Offer

Magstripes for Plastic Cards & Smartcards

We distribute our mag stripes to the main cards manufacturers over 60 countries. Our magnetic Transfer tapes are used to manufacture plastic cards. Standard colors are Black, Silver, Gold, Blue, Red and Green. We have also developed double sided Silver and Gold specifically for transparent cards. In addition, Mulann can provide customized tapes with any Pantone colour or customized Logo and design upon request.

Magstripes for Paper Cards & Tickets

We have been manufacturing and distributing mag stripes and slurries to tickets manufacturers for more than 25 years. We offer a complete range of Hico and Loco magnetic products for paper application, covering all production processes: Lamination tapes, Transfer tapes, Magnetic slurries. Our products are used to produce parking tickets, toll tickets and transport tickets all over the world.


Test Tools & Machines for QC

We have developed a range of products and software solutions powering quality control and production control for the smart card and ticketing industry. Designed in compliance with ISO standards (7810, 7811, 7816, 10373, 14443, 15693, 24789, 15457) and specifications such as EMVCO, MasterCard, Visa, GCB, MULANN’s products are optimized to reduce testing time and offer unique features to detect production flaws.

Expertise & Training

We provide training for test tools and machines and can personalize the controls according to the manufacturing needs. We deliver expertise to analyse quality issues and help our customers to develop the quality control process.

Maintenance & Technical Support

Customer care is a priority. We provide our customers with technical assistance and maintenance services across their daily operations such as: Complete verification of equipment (preventive maintenance), Calibration, Software upgrades and evolutive maintenance improvements, Maintenance contracts, Repair and parts replacement